Play. Design. Dicsuss.


Below will be some links to help you along the way in class. Some will be geared more towards Game II and above.

Disc Makers is where you will be ordering your CD’s/DVDs they do the best work, fastest and are in our back yard so local pickup is an option.

PureButtons: this is the cheapest and fastest way to get buttons, magnets, zipper pulls, mirrors, die cut stickers, or keychains made.


Making your own buttons? Cool order 1000 buttons here.

Uline: Your go to for boxes, shipping supplies and more, you have to buy in bulk but it’s not cheaper anywhere else.


Uprinting: This is the site for stickers of all shapes and sizes, although purebuttons has solid die cuts this site is more economical overall.


Clubflyers: this is a good site for a wide spectrum of items, flyers, cds, banners and more.


Overnightprints: Business cards, some postcards(although Club is cheaper by far), they have the highest quality at the best price.


24houryardsigns: By far the only place to get yard signs from, one color design package is the best deal online or anywhere.

24houryardsigns is your go to for randomly branded stuff like mugs, koozies and more.