Game Design & Development I
CGR 125 GDA1
Instructor: Morrison

Game Design Assignment #1


After reading Chapter 1 of the Einstein & the Honeybee book go to page 20.

Project – One The Game Review:

Good designers of anything from a game to a mousetrap must initiate their creative process by recognizing deficiencies and strengths of other similar or related designs.  To this end it is important for an aspiring game designer to become a discerning game player. Recognizing wat works well in games while also noting things that are not as effective.  It is also iportant to be able to communicate these observations to others. The first project requires students to take the information that they have been given in this chapter and apply it to the observation of a NON-Digital game. Students sgould consider ow well the game is designed in terms of its components and rules, the system they help create, and the outcomes and oals.

The game review should be between 500 and 600 words.