GDA Requirements

Game Design Assignment Requirements

 All assignments are due at the beginning of class delivered to the instructor’s station.

 Assignments will not be asked for in class by instructor

 All assignments must be printed and stapled, this is not to be done during class time

 The paper should be whatever length the specific paper suggests.

 The paper should be typed, in 12pt font, and a legible font (no script fonts).

 The topics requested should be expressed in essay form, not as question & answer section.

 Always include your first and last name, the name of the class (CGR 125 for example) and your email address.

 To receive full credit a physical copy must be presented, upon being absent an emailed version in PDF format will be accepted for only 10% deduction.

 Pay attention to the specific instructions for each assignment they may not always correspond to the lecture of that particular week.

 These assignments are not reviews, although your opinion is valued on games, your analysis is required based on facts within certain parameters.

 The format of an analysis paper include is the introduction, which provides relevant information and introduces the topic of the subject being written.

o Next is the body that states and persuades your view point of the subject.

o Make sure that you check your credibility and sources as those are important.

o The conclusion is last that restates that your stand firmly and informs readers on what they have to do.

 Cite your sources using MLA format, the works cited page will not count as a part of the assignment but are expected.