Game Des FP
Play. Design. Dicsuss.

Game Des FP

Course Syllabus

Camden County College

Blackwood, NJ

Course Goals

By the end of the semester, you will have you will have created a Beta version of a PC game or App game (pending engine use) title complete with delivery mechanism, and other associated marketing materials.  You will do this by acting, in some capacity, as part of a development team working through the various stages of a Game Development Cycle.

Course Outline

Contact Information

  • Email: ; (secondary email that I check occasionally) (recommended leave 1-2 day window for response).
  • Cell Phone: 609-970-8634 leave a voicemail or text I will call you back as soon as I am able, please leave your name in the message.
  • Phone: 856-227-7200 ext. 4388 (Junelle Barr) you can leave me a message with Junelle, which I will retrieve on either Monday or Tuesday only.


    • Office Hours: Monday  Class      5:30 pm to 8:00 pm
      Tuesday  Class   5:30 pm to 9:30* pm
    • Monday or Tuesday I can meet by appointment only. Unless there is a special event this is the only time I am on campus. I can arrive prior to classes, meet in-between classes or after classes but you *MUST set an appointment.


Textbooks: Required:           


WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? (Links to an external site.)


  • EDITION:   99
  • ISBN:   9780091816971

CREATIVE AGILILTY TOOLS: 100+ TOOLS for  (Links to an external site.)Creative Innovation and Teamwork


  • EDITION:   18
  • ISBN:   9780692136546

Optional Books

  • Game Writing: narrative skills for video-games by Chris Bateman (ISBN: 1-5845-490-0)
  • The Game production handbook by Heather Chandler (ISBN: 1-58450-416-1)
  • Other supplemental information(To be determined in class)

Highly Recommended:

  • Game Theory and Practice by Richard Rouse III (2nd Ed) (ISBN: 9-78155-62291-21)

Recommended supplies:

Financial Contribution by Week 3
Engine proof of purchase required
Flash Drive and CDR-W for multiple backups
Notebook for Notes (unconnected laptops acceptable)
PC/MAC for home use

TIME for your assignments and computer usage


Lateness will not be tolerated; there is a 3-4 minute window but do not make a habit of it, parking is a bad situation, so please be prepared for it. If you are late more than twice it will count as one absence. Any more than two (2) absences will result in failure of the course as is CCC policy, choose your absences wisely, if you are absent the day of an exam a zero (0) grade will be given for that quiz/exam.  Breaks should be taken based on need and will be given during class and attendance will be taken after breaks. Meals should be planned around class and breaks should NOT be treated as lunch/breakfast, no food or drinks are allowed in the lab. (Example: 1 absence 2 lateness=failure; 1 absence 1 lateness=safe; 4 lateness=failure; 3 lateness 1 absence=failure)

 Plagiarism/Piracy-The Jungle Book Clause

Students found cheating on exams or plagiarizing on documents will automatically fail this course. Any student caught using a piece of software or music illegally is also subject to automatic failure of the course as well as any actions deemed necessary by the college. Any plagiarism on the GDD will result in higher disciplinary action leading to but not limited to expulsion.


All class projects should avoid topics regarding sex, religion and gratuitous violence and gore. If this causes uncertainty with your projects, please see me for clarification.

 Grade Breakdown-Including but not limited to:

  • Productivity/Communication 33%
    • Class Communications/Productivity
    • Bi weekly Status Updates
    • Peer Productivity/Communication
    • Exams
    • Additional assignments
  • Attendance 33%
    • Class Attendance
    • Team Meeting Attendance
    • Event Attendance
  • Projects/Milestones 33%
    • PPD/POK
    • GDD
    • FFP
    • Alpha
    • Beta
    • Presentation

Grade Breakdown

  • A 100%-93%
  • B 92%-82%
  • C 81%-72%
  • D 73%-65%
  • F 64%-0%

Prod/Comms-You will be graded on your overall participation, productivity and communication as exhibited through your classroom participation, your REQUIRED Bi- Weekly Status updates that are to be finished each Wednesday and Sunday throughout the semester no later than 11:59pm and no earlier than 4pm the previous day (Windows are Tues-4pm to Wed 11:59pm and Sat 4pm to Sun 11:59pm). You will be required to communicate via text format what tasks you performed, what tasks you have planned and any obstacles you may have.  Your peers will also be holding each other accountable for productivity and communication on a weekly basis.  Exams and additional assignments will be factored into this grade as well.

Attendance-Your classroom attendance will be factored in conjunction with your REQUIRED team/section meetings that will occur a minimum of 17 times per semester, per student, 2 of which must have all team members in attendance (All Hands).  Please see below for more details. Any and all events that occur during your term will be factored in as well. Certain events on and off campus will give students an opportunity to make up points.

Project/Milestones-You shall be given detailed information on each of these areas as the semester progresses. All assignments are required to be turned in on the due date only. If the PPD is handed in late a zero (0) grade will be given, if it is not handed in by the following week the GDD will not be accepted (still resulting in a zero (0) grade resulting in a failing mark in the class for all team members). If the GDD is not completed you will be unable to give your marketing presentation and a zero (0) grade will result on the GDD and your final presentation resulting in a failing grade for the class.

Extra Help/Appointments

If you would like to meet, I recommend that you set up an appointment at least 3 days in advance. Otherwise it would be best to contact me via email or to leave a message with Junelle Barr outside of my normally scheduled hours. Anytime I do have a class you may consider this to be an open lab for yourself pending space. Tutoring is available on the third floor of the library ( (Links to an external site.)) 856-227-7200 ext. 4275.


Meetings requirements will be discussed in class via lecture and communication digitally.


You will be required to make bi weekly status updates every week of the semester (including weeks we do not have class).  They are to be a summary of the work you as an individual did that week for the team’s project. They must be communicated in a professional manner and should be completed using proper GUM (Grammar, Usage & Mechanics). They should not include frivolous or personal information and should include your attendance to any meeting that may have happened that week.  This information should also include any team member who does not seem to be doing anything, I don’t mean for the negativity to be thrown around in any way, but more of a peer accountability status to begin within the group. This is a team project, please keep that in mind. If you are unable to post or produce a report a “buddy” system should be developed to make sure your work can be represented because, again, these assignments impact your grade.

Coordinator Meeting

Prior to the end of this class (by week 14) you are required to meet with our section coordinator Rich Dolan or Professor Owens.  Rich’s office can be found on the 1st floor of CIM in the office to the left of the stairs. Owens is by appointment only and probably a zoom or phone call. He can be reached by phone at 856-227-7200 ext 4518 or by email- .  Owens is You will meet with Rich or Owens to ensure you are taking the correct classes for the program as he/she is the only people who can sign your graduation paperwork at the end of your class time. Failure to meet this simple requirement will result in a full letter grade reduction.

All Students MUST adhere to the Acceptable Use policy of Camden County College-AKA the Mason Clause
Policy Handbook for Students (Links to an external site.)

Page 26 is AUP (Links to an external site.)

I would like to highlight the following from the policy.

In making acceptable use of technology you MUST:
1. Use files, information, and software for authorized purposes only;
2. Use files, information, and software for which you have authorized access;
3. Comply with state and federal copyright regulations;
4. Comply with vendor license agreements;
5. Use information in ways that support the mission of the College; and
6. Comply with other College technology-specific guidelines, such as those for
academic computer laboratories, WEB Page and E-Mail.
In addition, you MUST BE:
7. Respectful in your use of shared resources, therefore, academic needs take
8. Responsible for maintaining the security of information;
9. Responsible for engaging in activities that will maintain the integrity of the
system and information contained within; and
10. Responsible for observing the policies of all networks accessed through
College resources.
In making acceptable use of technology you MUST NOT:
11. Give your password to anyone else or misrepresent your identity;
12. Use the College’s equipment or software for commercial use or personal gain;
13. Engage in activities that are against federal or state law;
Camden County College
Board of Trustees Policy
Subject: Number
Acceptable Use of Technology Date:
March 3, 1998
14. Use, copy or modify anyone else’s files without permission;
15. Interfere with College operations;
16. Use resources to annoy, harass, discriminate or intimidate anyone;
17. Use resources to send, download or transmit materials that contain profanities,
obscenities or sexually explicit materials.
18. Destroy, remove or modify College computer equipment or software.
The College considers any intentional violation of acceptable use guidelines to be a
serious offense that will lead to disciplinary action under standard College rules for
misconduct and existing judicial, disciplinary or personnel processes.

Variable Grading
At the end of the term multiple grading points named “variable” will be unlocked and utilized to make sure the math needed to ensure grading is executed properly. There is no assignment for the student as the instructor will implement this part of the course.


Game Design & Development II
CGR 200-D51HB FALL 2021
Instructor: Morrison

Date/WeekLecture Description/NameAssignmentDue
Week 1-Class/Team Orientation
-Publisher Proposal Document
-Proof Of Knowledge
-Team Formation
PPD POK Updates
Cheese chapters 1-3
CAT Chapters 1-2
Week  2Brainstorming session
Cheese ch 4-5
CAT Ch 3-5
Week  3GDD and Tech Demo
Requirement Review
Cheese Ch 6-7
CAT Ch 6-7
Week 4Team Dynamics*
Team Communication*
Online class no in person class
PPD is due with
Week 5First Functional Prototype
Reqs review
Week  6Semester marketing Plan
Digital/Print/Multimedia Reqs
Week 7Midterm on canvas on books
Online only no in person class
Tech Demo
FG Questions
Week 8Beta LectureGDD
FG Questions final
Week  9Team Dynamic part 2
1.0 Build
Marketing Plan
Week  10Public SpeakingFocus Group 15 people
Build due 1.1
Week  11Team Communication Part 2 Open House 😀1.2Alpha 1.1
Week  12Industry Week
Online only no in person class
term recap
Week 13Team Rehearsal Presentation1.4Focus Group Data
Build Review 1.2
Week 14Final Exam On Canvas-NAMES1.5Build Review 1.3
Beta next week

Week 15Marketing presentation @CCC Game ShowFinal Build 1.4 due
Post Mortem due