Game Des FP
Play. Design. Dicsuss.

Game Des FP

Course Goals

This course will aid in finishing the process of building and developing a professional grade electronic interactive video game. Students will be required to set up and have a meeting in regards to graduation with the coordinator of the program, Rich Dolan. Creative and conceptual development is emphasized throughout the course. By the end of the semester, you will have you will have created the Gold Master version of a PC game complete with instruction manual, box, and other associated marketing materials. You will do this by acting, in some capacity, as part of a development team working through the various stages of a Game Development Cycle.

Textbooks: Required:

  • Game Development Essentials: The Game Career Guide ISBN 9781428376472

Highly Recommended:

  • Game Theory and Practice by Richard Rouse III (2nd Ed) (ISBN: 9-78155-62291-21)
  • 100 principles of Game design by Wendy Dispain (ISBN-10: 0321902491)

Required supplies:

  • Team financial contribution due by week 3animal_crossing_new_leaf_header
  • Engine/SDK proof of purchase required from CGR 255
  • Flash Drive and CDR-W/DVD for multiple backups
  • Notebook for Notes (unconnected laptops acceptable)
  • PC/MAC for home use*
  • TIME for your assignments and computer usage
  • TIME to be allotted by all members for 17 team/group (min 4 people) meetings outside of class
  • *if these are not options the lab will be made available please check lab hours

Grade Breakdown-Including but not limited to:

  • Productivity/Communication 33%
  • Social media usage
  • Updates
  • Corrective Actions
  • General Prod/Communication
  • Tests
  • Attendance 33%
  • Class Attendance
  • Team/Group Meeting Attendance
  • On Campus Participation
  • Marketing adventures
  • Projects/Milestones 33%
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Gold Master
  • Focus Group Testing
  • QA
  • Marketing
  • ÿ Sales
  • ÿ Presentation

Grade Breakdown

  • A  100%-93%
  • B 92%-83%
  • C 82%-73%
  • D 72%-65%
  • F 64%-0%


Meetings will be held by your section/team throughout the semester starting after the first class. Your team will be responsible for holding at least 2 team meetings and you will be responsible for attending a total of 15 section/team meetings outside of class throughout the semester. You as an individual will responsible for a total of 17 meetings to attend in the 15 weeks of the semester. These meetings are held for you to work as a group and you will be expected to work during these meetings. I will request that these meetings are held here on campus giving you the optimal chance for productivity.  Attendance will be taken at the meetings and the meetings must be scheduled for at least 2.5 hours.  The producer is responsible for setting the team meetings and agendas and the department heads are responsible for setting the section meetings and agendas. There will be weeks where doubled-up meetings to happen possible three meetings in one week. Your flexibility is necessary to make these
meetings happen as they are imperative to completing your project and they do impact your grade. Meetings are not allowed to be scheduled on the same day as class.


You will be required to make bi weekly status updates every week of the semester (including weeks we do not have class).  They are to be a summary of the work you as an individual did that week for the team’s project. They must be communicated in a professional manner and should be completed using proper GUM (Grammar, Usage & Mechanics). They should not include frivolous or personal information and should include your attendance to any meeting that may have happened that week.  This information should also include any team member who does not seem to be doing anything, I don’t mean for the negativity to be thrown around in any way, but more of a peer accountability status to begin within the group. This is a team project, please keep that in mind. If you are unable to post or produce a report a “buddy” system should be developed to make sure your work can be represented because, again, these assignments impact your grade.

Lab usage

If you wish to watch/listen to anything during lab times you will be required to supply your own headphones or not listen to anything at all. I reserve the right to play music/videos during lab for general use but anyone who abuses the lab in this capacity will receive points off.  During lecture internet use is prohibited, unless otherwise instructed, as I expect your full attention.  I do not use handouts for all assignments as some are given during lecture only and notes are expected to be taken. Headphones should not be in your ears during the lecture portion of class unless required medically (proof will be required).